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My Weight Loss Management: One Year Later and Going Strong

Can you guys believe it’s been almost a year since I last updated this blog? That’s what happens when you have kids, grandkids, and pets to keep you busy. Anyway, here I am! I’ll give you guys an update about how everything has been going this past year.

First, I’m happy to say that I have learned some great weight management skills (after using the Roca Labs regimen) and I’ve stayed within the 155-160 pound range throughout this year. Trust me, it’s not always easy. I have to really commit to a healthy eating schedule and regular exercise routine.

Daily Diet and Exercise Regimen

Before I started with Roca Labs, I didn’t have a set routine for eating or exercising. Instead, I mostly sat around and ate whatever I wanted, which is how I got to 240 pounds. Now, I have a strict routine, which goes as follows:

6:00 AM Workout: Cardio (walking, running, or biking) or weight lifting
8:00 AM Breakfast: Protein shake or bar with at least 20 g of protein per serving
10:00 AM Morning Snack: String cheese and reduced-fat crackers or greek-style yogurt
12:00 PM Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken or steak or half a sandwich and low-calorie soup, like, tomato basil or chicken noodle
2:00 PM Afternoon Snack: Fresh fruit, such as: grapes, strawberries, apples etc. with cottage cheese or fresh veggies and hummus
6:00 PM Dinner: Grilled fish with wild rice and broccoli

Granted, I don’t eat this exact menu everyday, but it’s very similar from day-to-day. As for exercise, I try to lift weights twice a week to maintain good muscle tone; however, cardio burns the most fat, so I try to do it about 3 times a week. And I rest on the weekends, of course.

My Greatest Weight Loss Management Challenges

I have to say that my biggest struggle is portion control. I mean, have you ever eaten something so delicious that your brain doesn’t tell you when to stop eating? Well, I have that problem all the time. Daily. So, that’s been pretty tough, but overall, I’ve been sticking to my guns. I’m going to start posting regularly with advice that I’ve found helpful along with way in my weight loss journey. Plus, I’ll share tips and healthy recipes to help everyone who’s also looking to be successful with their own weight loss journey.

Talk soon!


My Final Results Update – Roca Labs Really Works! Lost 85 Pounds


A little over a year has passed and I finally found some time to update my blog. I got a new job and I was working around 50 hours a week, now I am down to 30 hours and I have more time to write again. Enough about that, let’s get back to what is really important. ROCA LABS!!! If you have read my past blogs you will recall that I lost 13 pounds in 1 month using the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass no Surgery (I think that is how they call it). My initial weight was 240 pounds, I was in desperate need for a GOOD weight loss that would also be practical. So I decided on Roca Labs as my tool of choice and began on this weight loss journey that I had put off for so long. I wanted it to work this time, so I took it upon myself to start this blog, so I can thoroughly review Roca Labs regimen and understand myself how my body takes weight loss and most importantly, learn what works for me and what doesn’t. A blog seemed like the way to do it, so here’s my review and my journey, all in once place.

I was working long hours the last year and I tend to overeat when stressed. Always reaching for something unhealthy in my desk drawer. Exercise was pretty much non-existent besides a few walks a week with the dog. Based on the unhealthy way I was living my life up till last year, I am sure I would put on a ton of weight instead of losing it, if it wasn’t for the Roca Labs Formula, for that I’m grateful.

A little about my habits, I was taking the mix every day, every morning and sometimes in the evenings as well. Although the Formula was making me feel full, I was also taking the Anti-Cravings to help me fight my cravings. I do LOVE the Anti-cravings. No appetite suppressant has ever worked before to me.

So my final advice to you is: Take Roca Labs if you are going to stick to it for as long as needed. This tool will help you get a push start and it will take you to the finish line if you stick to it. It doesn’t take a lot more than common sense and a will to lose the weight to be successful with Roca Labs, as far as I’m concerned.

INITIAL WEIGHT: 240 Pounds on June 2012

CURRENT WEIGHT: 155 Pounds on December 2013


Another week on the Roca Lab! It has been a month now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. My kids are back from their grandparents’ house and all the chaos is back :) But I must say that I have kept everything under control when it comes to my weight loss diet.

I hurt my wrist a few weeks ago and its still healing so I cannot exercise as much, but I have been taking the dog I am baby sitting for regular walks every day. They last around 30 minutes, so I would say I am exercising.

I am also taking the Roca Labs according to their website’s newer and updated instructions. I had a few issues with it because I got constipated and experienced bad headaches… A very nice lady on their support helped me figure out that it was due to lack of water intake. This happened during some busy days and I simply was too distracted to take care of my minimum water intake. Roca Labs is some strong stuff, so if you’re taking it, make sure you’ve read the literature on the site, it is not a lot of reading but it will help you to avoid making stupid mistakes like me.

Now I am back to normal…chugging down all that water :)

I lost around 3 pounds this past week, less than the previous week but still I lost a little over 10 pounds in 1 month. I am very concerned about the second month, as I heard that some people stop losing weight after the first month on the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery.

I have received a lot of support and comments from roca labs diet users and non-users, as well as comments that do not pertain to this blog. Once again, to avoid wasting my time and yours, refrain to post comments not related to this topic. I read one by one, and respond to them at my convenience, so if you post spam I won’t publish your comment.








I am sorry guys I am posting this a little later than usual. As much as I looked forward to sharing with you guys about my progress, things got crazy and I wasn’t able to sit down any earlier than tonight to jot down this update. I am back to write about my third week on my Roca Labs and my on my weight loss progress.

Last week I took the my Roca Labs from Monday to Friday, I did not skip a single day and I most certainly ate a lot less than my regular meal size. I can say that I was eating at least half of my usual portion sizes. I do not want to get too excited yet, but it seems that this diet is actually starting to work for me.

My kids have been at their grandparent’s house with my husband for a little over a week now and I have been eating out for lunch every single day from Monday to Friday. Every single time I ordered my lunch and since I couldn’t finish, I got a dog bag and brought it back home. So, instead of cooking dinner in the evening, I started eating my lunch leftovers. A thought comes to mind, with all this saving on food, Roca Labs has actually started to pay for itself!

I am very surprised and pleased that I have been able to eat 1 meal a day (divided by two – plus a few healthy snacks in between). I would never be able to eat only 1 single meal a day before I started the roca labs diet. All the frustration from the previous week are starting going away. I am feeling that there might still be hope for some fast weight loss for me, and most importantly, steady.

Before I wrap up and tell you my new weight I have to share something awkward that happened last week. I cannot say for sure that it was an email from Roca Labs company, but I am very suspicious. The email was very formal and I will post here what I received:

“Dear Carla. We are very pleased with your weight loss and we wish you all the success. We would like to inform you that it is wrong from your part to use the word all over your blog when you just started using The Roca Labs Formula. If by the end of your weight loss journey you do not achieve the desired results and followed all the instructions correctly, you are entitled to publish your opinion. Until then, please refrain to use such derogatory words until proven contrary.

Best Regards and All the Success to You”

I really cannot say who sent me this, but I honestly would guess that the roca labs marketing department probably did, what do you guys think? Looking back at my past blogs I must admit that I used the word quiet a few times. But my intention was never degrade the company’s name, I simply was explaining that my goal was to find out if roca labs success claims are true or not…and when I pretty much lost no weight on the first week I got extremely disappointed.

One more thing I want to point out before I finish my blog. I have received a few comments praising the roca labs diet or other diets…”I lost 35 pounds in 1 month using Roca Labs… – ” You should try Sensa, the best weight loss ever”… Britney Spears lost 50 pounds by using Slim Shake”…Omg, this is a serious blog, I do not have time to waste. I am not getting paid to spend 1 hour of time writing this blog or answering comments throughout the week, so please refrain to post phony comments on my blog. I want to keep it as clean as possible. This will save my time and yours.






Hello guys! Here I am again, after another week on Roca Labs. I had such a long week you won’t believe. Moved to my new house with my hubby and kids and started a new job. A lot of stress and changes in the last week but let’s talk about the Roca Labs diet I have been following for a little over 2 weeks.

Like I said above I had an extremely long and stressful week and in moments like these I am prone to overeat and ruin my weight loss diet. My best friend Mary-Lou does not eat at all when she is stressed…she is so lucky. I probably would not be so fat if I was like that because I do over eat when I do not feel good.

Talking about stress and over eating, I found out what is the red package for. It is called the anti-craving something and supposedly help you fight your cravings. Although so far my experience with the roca labs product has been only decent, I might say that this anti-cravings diet product worked wonders for me last week and for sure is a gastric bypass alternative. I know I was busy, but that would not stop me from running to the fridge or reaching for candy all over the place. I took the anti-craving powder and within 2 days I simple forgot about looking going after sweets.

I also ate a lot less than normal, but I did not take the powder for one day because it was a chaos and I simply didn’t find time, and I believe last Friday I took it only after eating a bagel because I forgot about it.

Back to my Roca Labs review. This is the summary for my second week on Roca Labs Despite the stress that I had going on all week I ate much less and felt that the anti-craving does work really well. Apparently it regulates the sugar levels in your blood witch aid you in eating less.

When I stepped on the scale yesterday I was so nervous. I did not feel a difference at all on my clothes yet, but I was afraid my weight would be the same. But it wasn’t :) I lost 4 pounds total in 2 weeks. I expected much more from the Gastric Bypass NO Surgery but at least I lost weight and like I said on my previous posts I have been just gaining weight after my second child. I will start posting my progress with numbers as well and I will be back next week.





Hello everyone. I am writing this blog to do a serious documentation of my progress with this new diet I started this week, it is called the Roca Labs Mini-Gastric Bypass no Surgery diet.

I am writing this blog for two reasons. I want to keep track of my weight loss progress and I also want to get some of the money I used to pay for this product back. The company is so convinced that you will lose weight, that after you lose around 20 pounds or so they will give you half of your money back if you send them a video blog review.

Let me tell you about me first. I am a mom of two, close to my 50’s and I work full time. I used to be skinny before my first child and never had to worry about lose weight. I gained some weight but it wasn’t too bad since my initial weight was very low , but after my second child my weight gain was huge and I have tried all types of diet pills you can imagine, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, so many to name. I got really discouraged after spending money, time and energy with so many products out there that I decided to stop trying.

The reason why I decided to try another weight loss product again is very simple. This roca labs diet is totally different than every other diet pills I have tried. If I didn’t find it as I’m hoping I will, I will most certainly find out with my own experience. The concept is very simple, the product will help you lose weight fast by making you feel full and slowly reduce your stomach size, and it is not a pill, it is an actually powder that you must mix with liquids and drink.

But the question is, will the product actually do what it claims? I will find out soon I hope. I read so many good things and so many bad things about this gastric bypass no surgery product that I could not form an opinion. I was so confused. With two kids and being a single mom I do not have money to waste, so $400 for me it is a lot of money. I contacted the company and requested a list of ingredients so I could talk to Dr. Chan first. He has been my physician for over 20 years so I do trust him. He said he had heard about the roca labs no surgery thing and it looked pretty interesting to him, so the choice to give it a chance was mine. Chan told me that in the worst case, at least all the fiber in the product would help me keep regular and I would consume enough fibers for my recommended daily intake.

I purchased the product over the phone sometime last week, I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Customer service was not bad, but I had to leave a voice message for them to call me back, which was pretty fast, they called me back in less than 5 minutes, which was great, because a lot of weight loss products, diet pills, Smooth Diet, etc…I purchased in the past did not give you the option to talk to a live person, I had to do all the process over the phone with an automated system. So yes, I would prefer if they had answered right away, but it could be worst based on my past experiences.

I received the box last Friday with 1 large bag of powder, 1 bag called anti-craving ( I still have to contact the company to find out what is that), a shaker, 3 different measuring spoons and a canister to store the powder. The instructions say that I should take the diet 5 times a week and stop for 2, so that is why I waited until Monday to start, because I want to take the break on the weekend. I like this idea of eat fine during 2 days, it will motivate me to lose weight.

The powder looked bad, a greenish not very appealing color. I tend to gag easily, even with diet pills, so I was already feeling a little disgusted with the diet before even taking the mixture. I mixed the powder with grape juice and waited a few minutes. It got thick like a jello and I started eating. I gagged. I couldn’t do it…omg, I panicked started picturing 4 $100 dollar bills flying out of the window, not very rational but I panicked for a minute there.

A few minutes later when I was more calm I called Roca Labs and got the infamous voice message again. Twenty minutes later and no call back so I went online to their live chat. I spoke with an actual nurse, and she told me that I could try to drink it since I am so sensitive. The difference is that I would have to wait a little longer for the effect to happen. I had problems even with diet pills, it has always been difficult for me to swallow them, but I am willing to do anything to lose weight quickly, or at least, lost the weight, I even considered the gastric bypass surgery but my insurance won’t cover because I do not have a lot of weight to lose according to them. I need to lose around 100 pounds which is a lot to me.

So this week I took the diet product 3 times. I have had bad diarrhea since, but according to the nurse that is normal because my body must adjust to the fiber, which makes sense to me. I must say that so far I am not impressed, but not disappointed with the company. I did not lose weigh despite the diarrhea but I will be patient since I just started the weight loss powder.


Customer service not bad, you can talk to an actual person;

You have the option to drink the powder with water if you can’t stand the consistency;

Nurses available 24/7.

Fast delivery;


You can’t reach a live person right away;

Nurses available only on live chat not on phone;

Price (although it covers a 4 month supply);

Powder color and consistency ( if you decide not to drink it right away).

I will update this blog once a week or more if something out of the ordinary happens. So far all I can tell you is that I am on the fence. I will find out what is up with this Roca Labs weight loss product and let you know if it doesn’t or if does actually work (based on my own experience only).



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