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Another week on the Roca Lab! It has been a month now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. My kids are back from their grandparents’ house and all the chaos is back :) But I must say that I have kept everything under control when it comes to my weight loss diet.

I hurt my wrist a few weeks ago and its still healing so I cannot exercise as much, but I have been taking the dog I am baby sitting for regular walks every day. They last around 30 minutes, so I would say I am exercising.

I am also taking the Roca Labs according to their website’s newer and updated instructions. I had a few issues with it because I got constipated and experienced bad headaches… A very nice lady on their support helped me figure out that it was due to lack of water intake. This happened during some busy days and I simply was too distracted to take care of my minimum water intake. Roca Labs is some strong stuff, so if you’re taking it, make sure you’ve read the literature on the site, it is not a lot of reading but it will help you to avoid making stupid mistakes like me.

Now I am back to normal…chugging down all that water :)

I lost around 3 pounds this past week, less than the previous week but still I lost a little over 10 pounds in 1 month. I am very concerned about the second month, as I heard that some people stop losing weight after the first month on the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery.

I have received a lot of support and comments from roca labs diet users and non-users, as well as comments that do not pertain to this blog. Once again, to avoid wasting my time and yours, refrain to post comments not related to this topic. I read one by one, and respond to them at my convenience, so if you post spam I won’t publish your comment.







Hello guys! Here I am again, after another week on Roca Labs. I had such a long week you won’t believe. Moved to my new house with my hubby and kids and started a new job. A lot of stress and changes in the last week but let’s talk about the Roca Labs diet I have been following for a little over 2 weeks.

Like I said above I had an extremely long and stressful week and in moments like these I am prone to overeat and ruin my weight loss diet. My best friend Mary-Lou does not eat at all when she is stressed…she is so lucky. I probably would not be so fat if I was like that because I do over eat when I do not feel good.

Talking about stress and over eating, I found out what is the red package for. It is called the anti-craving something and supposedly help you fight your cravings. Although so far my experience with the roca labs product has been only decent, I might say that this anti-cravings diet product worked wonders for me last week and for sure is a gastric bypass alternative. I know I was busy, but that would not stop me from running to the fridge or reaching for candy all over the place. I took the anti-craving powder and within 2 days I simple forgot about looking going after sweets.

I also ate a lot less than normal, but I did not take the powder for one day because it was a chaos and I simply didn’t find time, and I believe last Friday I took it only after eating a bagel because I forgot about it.

Back to my Roca Labs review. This is the summary for my second week on Roca Labs Despite the stress that I had going on all week I ate much less and felt that the anti-craving does work really well. Apparently it regulates the sugar levels in your blood witch aid you in eating less.

When I stepped on the scale yesterday I was so nervous. I did not feel a difference at all on my clothes yet, but I was afraid my weight would be the same. But it wasn’t :) I lost 4 pounds total in 2 weeks. I expected much more from the Gastric Bypass NO Surgery but at least I lost weight and like I said on my previous posts I have been just gaining weight after my second child. I will start posting my progress with numbers as well and I will be back next week.





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